Mortice Locks: Faults and Solutions

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A mortice lock will provide an high level of protection for a property if it is installed correctly. Mortice locks fit into a pocket cut into the door and this is where the lock is fitted. There are many different brands of mortice lock however there ore only two different types. A sash Lock and a dead lock. A sash lock has a handle built into it whereas a dead lock doesn’t come with a handle so this would have to be installed separately if it is something you require.

Mortice Lock Faults

Much like any other lock at some point a mortice lock will fail, this could be down to a number of things from general wear and tear to intentional damage. The most common problems with mortice locks we come across here at Barnsley Locksmith Solutions include:

Broken Talon – If you put your key inside the lock and it moves freely without unlocking the door then it is very likely the talon is broken. Any good locksmith would be able to repair this issue.

Key Wont Open Lock – There are a multitude of reasons behind this happening, from leaving the key in the lock causing leaver to wear to and old worn-out key. This fault is something that your local locksmith will be able to identify and resolve easily.

There are many other problems that can occur, the best thing to do is at the first sign of an issue such as rust, stiff handles or keys, visible damage you should call out your local locksmith to come and diagnose and fix the issue. This will save you time and money in the long run and even prevent you being locked in or out of the property.

Does Your Mortice Lock Meet Current British Standards?

Mortice locks have been around for many years and because of this we frequently come across sub-standard mortice locks. Because the security industry is constantly improving security measures to help combat break-ins this means that eventually over time your lock will be sub-standard to the measures that need to be taken in this day and age. Mortice locks that meet or exceed the current BS3621 have more leavers, longer bolts and hardened cases which make them much more difficult for a burglar to force or manipulate.


Your local locksmith will be able to come and upgrade your old mortice lock to a newer more security locks that meets or exceeds current BS3621 standards.


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