Moving Home? Make Sure You Get New Locks!

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Regardless of how many times you have moved home before, it could be your first time or you could have moved several times before one thing always remains the same, it is incredibly stressful but at the same time exciting! Its because of this that one vital home security measure when moving home often get overlooked, new locks! Changing the locks when you move property is very important as you can never be sure who may still have hold of a copy of the keys to your new home.

Home Office Statistics

  • Within the first twelve months of moving into a new home the chances of a break-in are almost double that of the average burglary rate – 4.6% compared to 2.5%
  • You are almost three times as likely to get burgled when you have just moved into a new home when compared to those that have occupied their homes for ten or more years – 4.6% compared to 1.6%
  • When compared to homeowners that make only the most basic of security measures such as upgrading door and window locks those that take no security measures are a shocking ten times more likely to get burgled – 22.5% compared to 1.6%

Does Someone Else Have A Key To Your New Property?

In a year around  37,500 properties will have new occupants, and most homeowners are completely unaware that there is more than likely at least one set of keys to their new property still in circulation from previous occupants.

NOP conducted a survey which showed that over 58% of UK homeowners give out a spare key to a trusted friend or relative.

In a different survey Halifax Home Insurance carried out showed that a huge twelve million adults have lost the keys to their home up to six times within the last ten years and never got the locks changed after doing so!

When you move into a new home or after losing the keys to your home, you don’t get new locks installed then you can never be sure that your home is 100% secure. Another thing worth bearing in mind is that when you move home, if you don’t have new locks installed and you fall victim to a break-in some insures will be unwilling to pay out on a claim as they will see that you haven’t taken the necessary steps to ensure that your property is a s secure as it can be.

By getting new locks installed at your new home and upgrading them to more secure locks you will not only have the extra piece of mind that your home is as safe and secure as it can be, but you will also know that it is only you and those you trust that have a copy of the key to your new home.

Other Reasons to Have Door Locks Changed

  • Substandard locks (Don’t meet BS3621)
  • Broken or damaged locks
  • Don’t have all the keys for door and window locks

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