Steps You Should Take After A Break-In


When you come home or wake up to discover you have had a break-in it is never a pleasant experience. It is emotional, stressful, and often traumatic time. Despite all this it is important to try and stay focused so that you can take the steps needed to get things back to how they should be. Our team at Elvidge Gribble Locksmiths have put together this helpful guide with the steps you should follow if you ever fall victim to a break-in, this way should you ever find yourself in this situation you will know exactly what to do.

Call Police – The first thing you should do when you discover you have had a break-in is call the police to report the crime and get them to come and gather evidence. When you call the police they will provide you with a crime reference number, you should make note of this and keep it safe as you will need it later on when contacting your insurer.

Don’t Touch Anything – Whilst waiting for the police to arrive it is important that you don’t start moving and touching things. This could destroy vital evidence left behind buy the burglar that could aid the police in catching them and potentially recovering your stolen goods.

Write a List – once the police say it is okay you should go around your property and make a comprehensive list of stolen items, try and include serial numbers, distinctive marks and a rough estimate of value. This list may help police identify items that belong to you should they be recovered, and it will also be needed for your insurer.

Ring The Bank – As soon as you get chance you should make a call to your bank and credit card providers and inform them of the break-in. They will be able to check your account for any suspicious activity. Even if you cards haven’t been taken it is still important to make contact with the bank as your card details could have been copied in order to make large online purchases at a later date.

Contact Insurer – Within the first 24 hours of the break-in you should contact your insurance provider and inform the of the break-in. They will be able to make a reference of the crime and get thing moving towards making your claim, you should have your crime reference number and the list of stolen goods to hand when you make this call as your insurer will require this information.

Secure Your Property – After the police have finished gathering evidence and give you the go ahead you can finally start straightening up and getting things back to normal, this should include getting your property secured once again. Call your local locksmith and they will be able to come out and replace any broken window or door locks as well as boarding up any smashed windows. Your local locksmith will also be able to advise you on the best security measures for your property and budget to help prevent future break-ins.

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